Shree Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir is Located in Center of Mangalore. About 3Kms from Hampankatta and 16Kms from Surathkal.

To bless the Land of Mangalore and Folks of the town, Shree SAI himself came to Mangalore with a humble devotee Chandrabai from Mumbai. “Take me to Mangalore with u” were the words of SAI she used to hear in her dreams. As soon as possible she took the decision and in 1965 the 1st temple of SHRI SAI in South Kanara, was established at, ‘URVA, CHILAMBI, MANGALORE’

Having utmost shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience) in Shri Sai she could overcome all the initial problems with ease. Strong faith in Babaji wiped away all the tears and sorrow of her and her family’s life. Slowly many people started experiencing the miracle of SAI NAAM. Babaji fulfilled all the wishes of His devotees. Initially material and worldly desire and gradually spiritual needs were granted.

From Chandrabai responsibilities were passed to her grandson Vishwasdas, son of Smt. Girijadas and late shri Santosh kumar. A person with great will vision and determination along with SAI’s blessings has devoted himself to BABAJI, through and through. Keeping up with the changing time and requirements, good effort has been made to attract young generation to bring them closer to SAI which is the call of the day. It is so heart whelming experience, seeing hundreds of students coming to pray SAI every day especially on Thursday.